Welcome to Together We Seek

Welcome to Together We Seek

Where the quest for spiritual growth and enlightenment is the norm. 

We're more than a community – we're a lighthouse where Seekers of enlightenment, practitioners of ancient wisdom, and lightworkers come to share, connect & illuminate!

Who We Are

In our vibrant collective, you'll find lightworkers, seekers, and healers from all walks of life. Whether you're taking your first steps on your spiritual journey or you're a well-traveled practitioner, our community is a rich mosaic of experiences and wisdom waiting to be shared.

Who is this For?

TogetherWeSeek.Online welcomes anyone on a spiritual quest. We are a refuge for both the novice seeker and the seasoned lightworker. Here, you'll find a diverse community of souls – all united in their eagerness to delve deeper into the mysteries of spirituality.

  • For the Spiritual Newcomers: Embark on your journey of awakening in a nurturing environment designed to foster growth and learning.
  • For the Experienced Practitioners: Share your journey, wisdom, and energy practices with a community that values your depth of experience.
  • For Seekers of Transformation: Find the resources and support needed to guide you on your path of personal and spiritual metamorphosis.
  • For Group Energy Enthusiasts: If the collective energy of group activities and shared spiritual experiences resonates with you, you'll find your rhythm with us.
  • For Lifelong Learners: Dive into the depths of spiritual practices, ranging from ancient modalities to cutting-edge healing techniques.
  • For Wellness Advocates: Recognize the integral role of spiritual growth in overall wellness, embracing mental, emotional, and energetic health.

How can this help me?

The community is also a great place to find resources and information on a variety of topics related to personal and spiritual growth, such as mindfulness, meditation, energy work, and healing.

It is a community that celebrates your journey and inspires you to work with other members to foster personal and spiritual transformation.

  • 🌱 Explore JJ's Enlightened Network: Your unique spiritual journey is honored with personalized resources and group engagements designed to align with your individual goals and interests.
  • 🌱 Meet Lightworkers, Healers and Seekers: Dive into ancient wisdom and modern practices through explorations that enrich and elevate your spiritual path.
  • 🌱 Momentum & Motivation: Stay engaged and inspired with monthly themes, challenges, and a supportive network of peers.
  • 🌱 Mastery in Practice: Refine your spiritual practices under the guidance of experienced mentors and embrace a holistic approach to well-being.
  • 🌱 Find and Share Retreats:  Stay current on in-person events or share your events within this community.
  • 🌱 Dynamic Engagement: Discover a constantly evolving array of content, discussions, and events to keep your spiritual journey vibrant and fulfilling.
  • 🌱 Inclusive and Empowering Culture: Join a nurturing community that fosters growth, exploration, and empowerment on your spiritual journey.
  • 🌱 Educational Resources & Events: Engage with podcasts, live sessions, and community events designed to inspire and educate.

Why Should I Join?

Together We Seek was initially created to share lightworkers, energy practitioners, and healers that JJ, a seeker, worked with! It has expanded beyond this to include resources, retreats, connections, live meetups, and opportunities to deepen your spiritual journey and network. Stepping Together We Seek opens the door to a treasure trove of spiritual tools, people, and meetups that will nurture your growth, learning, and maybe even your Soul’s journey!

What Will I Find Inside?

Join TogetherWeSeek.Online and unlock access to an expansive range of spiritual resources, insightful conversations, and live sessions with healers and lightworkers. Connect with peers who share your passion for spiritual growth. With TogetherWeSeek.Online, you're not just exploring; you are sharing, connecting, asking, collaborating, and learning!

  • 🌟 Monthly Sessions with JJ: Join our founder, JJ DiGeronimo, in profound spiritual discussions and teachings in our monthly sessions.
  • Weekly Inspirational Podcasts: Delve into our enlightening podcast series featuring conversations with diverse lightworkers.
  • Themed Monthly Challenges: Each month, immerse yourself in new themes designed to challenge and grow your spiritual practice.
  • Educational Courses: Enhance your skills with our courses on topics like publishing your book and leading retreats.
  • Retreat Opportunities: Participate in or host your own retreats, fostering shared experiences of spiritual growth.
  • 🌟 Community Support: Engage with a network of like-minded individuals who share their journey, offer motivation, and celebrate each other's progress.
  • Collaborative Opportunities: Connect and create with peers on projects aligned with our mission.
  • Dynamic Learning: Learn about ancient practices, healing modalities, and how to become a retreat leader.
  • Showcase and Discover: Share and discover retreats, events, and personal spiritual insights.
  • 🌟 And So Much More: As a vibrant and constantly evolving community, we're always adding new features, tools, and events to empower our members to reach and exceed their spiritual aspirations.

Founder's Journey: JJ DiGeronimo 

JJ, the founder of TogetherWeSeek.Online, is a seeker too! Since 2016, she has been on a collective quest for spiritual growth and illumination!

She is energized by the limitless potential of energy practices that can lead us toward the radiance of our true essence.

As she was leaving Mount Shasta in March of 2021, her spirit guide shared that now is the time to bring the mystics together.  

Her newest of three books, Seeking: 74 Key Findings to Raise Your Energy, Sidestep Your Self-Doubts, and Align with Your Life’s Work is the journey and feelings all too well of an accomplished businesswoman who felt an internal tug for something more. 

Off the side of her desk, JJ found herself seeking to stay energized as she chased external metrics with reappearing whispers from within.

If you are asking yourself, “What is this all for?”, or “Now what?”, or “Is there more?”, then you are ready to embark on your next step of self-discovery.

After five years of researching, attending, and practicing, JJ shares the most important key findings from her journey in Seeking, where she unpacks the strategies that helped her infuse more purpose and meaning into her work and life. 

It is no mistake you found this community, as your seeking has brought you to the frequency within this community!

Let’s explore ways to illuminate your path ahead!

Now is the Perfect Time

Now is Your Moment. This is your call to join a community deeply committed to spiritual growth and transformation. Whether you're in search of resources, or guidance, or want to share your work, retreats, and gifts, TogetherWeSeek.Online is the place JJ turns to along with others to find, connect, embrace, and align. 

Together We Seek opens the door to a treasure trove of spiritual tools, people, and meetups!

Join us, and let’s illuminate our paths together.

See you Inside,