Welcome to Together We Seek

Exploring Energy Practices to Refuel, Realign and Rediscover our Life's Work

Welcome to Together We Seek 

We are a community dedicated to empowering women to explore tools, practices, and conversations that will help them overcome self-doubt and align with their life's work. Women can connect, work, and explore additional insights with referred energy practitioners comfortably here.

So, Why is this Community Needed? 

We believe women need a safe and comfortable space to connect, work, and explore additional insights with referred energy practitioners. Women join Together We Seek to share, connect, learn, and participate. What's unique about this community is that energy practitioners, authors, healers, and women with interesting initiatives are invited to share their work and give us insight into their journeys and tools that could be used to illuminate paths.

What are the Benefits?

Inside this community, you'll find discussions, resources, podcasts, and premier access to amazing lightworkers. It's a safe place to seek a new level of awareness, where we work together to brighten our lights and illuminate the path for many.

One of the benefits of this community is that women gather through interviews, workshops, and online events to learn and explore new ideas, practices, and modalities. To participate, simply add a photo, a description, and some links to your profile. You can also join live events, find energy practitioners, and share your inspiration with the community.

About JJ DiGeronimo

JJ, the founder of TogetherWeSeek.Online, has experienced traditional career tools and enjoyed the new levels of insight they provided. However, as she evolved in her career and life, she searched for new tools and ways to increase her awareness of herself and her natural talents. In 2016, she incorporated more energy, alignment, and mindfulness tools into her journey.

Conditioned to look outward, JJ, like many women, juggled external validations such as titles, salaries, and relationships. However, pressures like these often lead to self-doubt, negative self-talk, and demanding schedules, making women question if they are enough or if there is more to life.

Join JJ here with lessons, love, and permission to rediscover the brightness within your natural gifts. This community is filled with women ready to share strategies to help you tap more into your inner knowing and align with your life's work.

Inside Together We Seek

Inside Together We Seek, you will find retreats, interviews, books, spiritual locations, and inspiration. The live events are one of the best parts of this community, where energy practitioners lead events or join JJ online and in person to share their modalities.

💫 Daily insights
💫 Wide range of practices
💫 Find answers to your questions
💫 Join the journey to finding your true self

Now is the Perfect Time

If you're a woman looking for meaningful connections, more moments of joy, and more fulfilling activities, this community is for you. 

This opportunity to come together in this way provides a unique opportunity for each of us to gain additional insight, connections, and ideas of how to overcome our doubts, stories, and even choices to align more with the conscious energy that connects all of us. Whether you are new to energy practices or have been visiting spiritual sites, reading enlightening books, meeting practitioners, or hosting your events and 1:1 meetings, there is something inside for you.

Why You Should Join Us?

Are you searching for new tools and ways to increase your awareness of who you are and what you want in life? Do you feel disconnected and ask yourself: "Is there more?" 

Join us at Together We Seek and empower yourself to explore tools, conversations, and practices that will help you overcome self-doubt and align with your life's work. Remember, it takes practice and some alone time to shift that mindset and move into your soul's work, which is critical as the world will not shift until women step into their power. Let's explore our journey, stories, and whispers together!

Welcome to TogetherWeSeek.Online, a unique online community where we come together to share practices, modalities, retreats, and books that inspire and empower us to dig deep, release our fear, and step more into our gifts and wisdom.

✨ Thank you for Seeking! ✨