Welcome to Together We Seek

Welcome to TogetherWeSeek.Online

This community is designed to connect and showcase people, gatherings, books, retreats, and conversations that ignite our collective wisdom, create space for the whispers of our souls, and guide us along our path to spark energic transformation.

Who's inside this Community? 

This community is filled with hundreds of lightworkers, ancient practices, healing modalities, and people interested in personal and spiritual growth to heal, align, and transform.

What are the Benefits?

Inside this community, you'll find practitioners, resources, live discussions, and access to amazing lightworkers and healers. It's a place to seek a new level of self-awareness to brighten our lights and illuminate the path for many.

Here are ways to engage inside the Together We Seek community as you ignite your lessons, raise your frequency, benefit from collective wisdom, and spark transformation:

  • Members can share their experiences and insights with others who may understand or even connect with their journey.  
  • Members can learn from each other about different ancient practices and healing modalities. 
  • Members can share their retreats, events, and even gatherings.
  • Members can collaborate with each other on projects and initiatives that are aligned with the community's mission. 

The TogetherWeSeek.online is a community of powerful resources for spiritual growth. It is a place where people can come together to learn, grow, discover, expand, and even host events and gatherings.

How can this help me?

The community is also a great place to find resources and information on a variety of topics related to personal and spiritual growth, such as mindfulness, meditation, energy work, and healing.

It is a community that celebrates your journey and inspires you to work with other members to foster personal and spiritual transformation.

About JJ DiGeronimo

JJ, the founder of TogetherWeSeek.Online, is a seeker too! Since 2016, she has been on a collective quest for spiritual growth and illumination!

She is energized by the limitless potential of energy practices that can lead us toward the radiance of our true essence.

As she was leaving Mount Shasta in March of 2021, her spirit guide shared that now is the time to bring the mystics together.  

At first, she was certain it was not her message but as she penned her 3rd book SEEKING, she was drawn to share all the healers, energy practitioners, and modalities that brought her right here with you now.

Each week, she organizes live zoom with her many lightworker friends who provide fantastic insight.

Join JJ and others here with lessons, love, and permission to rediscover the brightness within your natural gifts. 

Now is the Perfect Time

This opportunity to come together inside this community provides a unique opportunity for each of us to gain additional insight, connections, and ideas of how to overcome our doubts, stories, and even choices to align more with the conscious energy that connects all of us. Whether you are new to energy practices or have been visiting spiritual sites, reading enlightening books, meeting practitioners, or hosting your events and 1:1 meetings, there is something inside for you.